Root canals have long been associated with excruciating pain, leading many people to dread the procedure and avoid seeking necessary dental treatment. However, this perception is often based on outdated information and misconceptions. In reality, modern root canal techniques & advancements in pain management have made the procedure much more comfortable compared to the past. 

In this all-encompassing guide, let us work through the most prevalent misconceptions about root canals in Oakville, ON, to learn the facts that will dispel these misbegotten ideas.

Misconception #1: Root Canal Therapy Is A Very Painful Treatment.

One of the most significant misunderstandings about root canal treatment is that it is painful. This fear is associated with the perception that drilling into the tooth and removing the nerve is unbearable. Nevertheless, it is not the truth.

Root canal procedures have become pain-free using local anesthesia. The dentist will first numb the area around the tooth so you do not feel discomfort. Indeed, most patients describe this sensation as light pressure, much like a regular dental filling.

Endodontists, the dental specialists who perform root canal treatments, are experts in pain management. They utilize the latest methods to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

Misconception #2: The Root Canal Procedure Involves Several Appointments.

Another aspect of root canal treatment is that it consists of several visits to the dentist. This anxiety might prevent some people from getting the needed treatment, making the situation even worse.

Modern root canal treatment can be carried out in a single visit. Due to the development of technology and approaches, dental clinics in Oakville can accomplish treatment much more quickly and easily.

Misconception #3: The Recovery Period Is Difficult And Lasts For A Long Time.

Many individual’s fears about root canal recovery are rooted in anecdotal stories from friends and family members who may have received treatment using older, more painful techniques. 

Contrary to the misconception of a lengthy and painful recovery, nowadays, patients can resume their normal daily activities after the root canal treatment is completed. Any mild soreness or sensitivity can be managed with over-the-top medications.

So, while the outdated perceptions of painful and lengthy recovery may still linger, the reality states that modern root canal treatment is a highly comfortable and efficient procedure.

Misconception #4: Root Canal Therapy Doesn’t Apply If The Tooth Doesn’t Hurt.

For some people, a root canal is unnecessary if their tooth is not painful. It is a difficult situation because it can cause more damage to the tooth, ultimately leading to tooth loss.

The reality is that the tooth may not hurt—even if it needs a root canal procedure. The nerve in the tooth below the crown can be damaged or infected, but the pain won’t be felt because the nerve is dead. Regular dental visits to the dental clinic near you in Oakville, ON, are necessary to detect problems quickly and prevent them from worsening.

When does root canal therapy become necessary?

Root canal treatment can be recommended for an asymptomatic tooth for various reasons.

  1. Deep Decay – If the cavity has progressed deep into the tooth’s inner layers, a root canal may be required to remove the infected or damaged pulp.
  2. Repeated Procedures – A tooth that has undergone multiple fillings or other vital work may eventually need a root canal treatment to address ongoing issues.
  3. Cracks Or Chips –Trauma to a tooth, such as a crack or chip, can expose the pulp and necessitate root canal therapy to prevent infection.
  4. Prior Root Canal Failure – In some cases, a previously performed root canal may fail, requiring treatment or a new procedure.

Misconception #5: Root Canal Is Exclusively Reserved For Severely Damaged Teeth.

Various individuals assert that root canal treatment is only applicable for those with severely damaged teeth to the extent that filling or even extraction are not viable choices. Nevertheless, this is only sometimes true.

Root canal therapy should be performed when the nerve inside the tooth is infected or injured. However, this can happen even with minor tooth decay, and a filling or extraction may not be able to solve the problem. In these instances, root canal treatment is the only option to save the tooth and avoid further problems.

Misconception #6: Root Canal Treatment Has Negative Health Implications.

It is often believed that root canal treatment poses threats to one’s overall health and particularly to the development of conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and rheumatism. This idea originated from a study in the early 1900s demonstrating the connection between root-treated teeth and this illness.

Nevertheless, such research has been proven false, and there is no scientific proof of its validity. Root canal treatment is safe and doesn’t increase the risk of health problems.

Misconception #7: Removal Is A Better Alternative To The Root Canal Treatment.

Many individuals consider removing teeth better than having a root canal treatment. Most often, people are afraid of pain and consider extraction the most accessible and least painful option.

On the other hand, retaining your natural teeth whenever possible is advisable. Removing a tooth can cause many problems, like shifting teeth and malocclusion while eating. Root canal treatment, in contrast, is designed to save your natural tooth and restore its function.

Don’t Let an Infected Tooth Spread: Get a Root Canal in Oakville Today!

Root canal treatment, carried out to remove the infected tooth tissue, is a safe and painless procedure which aims to preserve the natural tooth instead of extracting it. 

Approaching a dental problem promptly is vital, while fear of pain or discomfort does not let you seek treatment. If you are looking for a root canal treatment, then White Lily Dental is the right dental clinic near you in Oakville. With modern and painless root canal treatment, qualified dentists will guarantee that your visit will be as pleasant and stress-free as possible. Do not let the fear of root canal pain deprive you of the opportunity to have a healthy and beautiful smile. Make your appointment at our dental clinic in Oakville today.